A Hidden Sanctuary in the Heart of Granada, Nicaragua

In 2012, yogis, sisters and adventurers from the tiny island of Bermuda, Eloisa & Arantxa Mayers stumbled upon an old house which was advertised as a colonial mansion for sale in the heart of Granada. Curious about the local property market, they fell quickly in love with what was once called The Santa Lucia Social Club. The sprawling property was hidden behind two small front doors and the home to ten stray cats, fruit bats, an unused pizza oven and lots of peeling paint and loose roof tiles. 

It was here on Calle Santa Lucia, that they discovered the location for their yoga business they had been dreaming about opening for many years. Both Yoga Instructors, they were employed in corporate positions in banking and hospitality. They wanted to open their own small business together one day, and Nicaragua presented the perfect location. Both relocated and hired a construction team to do the heavy lifting. They built three new rooms with patios and terraces, and renovated the vacation apartments while living in the middle of the mess. 

After many months of extensive renovations, Casa Lucia opened its doors in early 2014. Since then she has grown into one of the city's premier boutique hotels known for dedication to customer service. The hotel is actively run by Eloisa who is the Manager and a small team of local staff dedicated to serving guests to the highest possible standard. The quality of our products, services, and hotel grounds is mentioned in the awards we win every year by Trip Advisor and through the many 5 Star Ratings we are grateful our customers leave behind. 

Casa Lucia regularly supports local charitable initiatives and runs a small sustainable gift store inside the hotel, with items purchased from the indigenous communities to support their efforts. When designing the hotel, both sisters decided to purchase all local and handmade items and to this day, they continue to furnish the hotel with the highest quality fixtures and finishings, made from wood, plantains, bamboo, windows blinds and floor tiles. 

We look forward to having you stay and making new friends. Please feel free to drop us a line, send us feedback or visit us any time you are in Nicaragua. We'd love to share our story with you, a yoga class, and learn more about your experiences in this tropical paradise. 


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