Nicaragua - Land of Lakes, Volcanoes AND Beaches!

We've lived in Nicaragua for 4 amazing years now and almost every day at the hotel, our guests ask how I came to be here.  In 2012, I discovered this sprawling, ramshackle and amazingly beautiful home we now call Casa Lucia. After almost a year of heavy construction and living in the center of it all, we transformed it to the beautiful small boutique hotel and yoga retreat you see today. Why Nicaragua? I started thinking the other day it was time to chronicle my adventures in the land of lakes and volcanoes!

I came on a whim to surf and explore what I perceived to be the more authentic version of Costa Rica. I didn't want to go back to a 9-5pm corporate existence, and despite the many challenges of running a small hotel in a developing country, I LOVE my life in this gorgeous colonial city I now call home. 

Today I want to write a bit about my explorations outside of Granada, as we all know, getting away and taking time away from our digitally connected world is essential. I'll write more about my favorite things to do in Granada, and list some attractions in the area as I have personally discovered them, all to save you time and money - transport costs are expensive in Nicaragua and if you have limited time and a smaller travel budget you'll want to take them into consideration - or get onto the Chicken Bus, our local buses, and be prepared for a ride of a lifetime.

This past week we journeyed to Playa Escameca, a gorgeous strip of coast also home to the Costa Dulce Hotel. Surrounded by nature, pavilions literally tucked into a forest, and a deserted beach, we enjoyed days of quiet relaxation and fresh seafood! When I travel I look for unusual and non-traditional hotels or holiday rentals that give me privacy, space and flexibility, something like Casa Lucia's vacation apartments with kitchens that allow guests extra privacy and independence. We rented a friend's beachside apartment (it was actually up on the hill about 2km away) in a forest but a close walk from the Costa Dulce hotel reception and restaurant. 

Here is a photo of me in Warrior 2 on the rocks, one of my favorite yoga poses. 

What's your favorite Nicaraguan beach resort? While Playa del Flor, Playa Gigante, Maderas are recommended, Playa Escameca is my new favorite! It was free of trash, music, any kind of development and offers a truly natural Nicaraguan beach experience. 

We also got to make friends with the caretaker family that live close to our friend's home and act as staff, cleaning and security guard. Their dog Rambo followed my boyfriend Danilo around digging holes and enjoying eating our lunch. 

We recommend if you are going to venture to one of the beaches in the Costa Dulce to hire a 4x4, not a regular taxi, in San Juan del Sur, or driver yourself. Driving in Nicaragua in the day is perfectly safe and gives you freedom and opportunity to venture to other beaches along the coast. 

The Costa Dulce Hotel is a new development, and building is underway on many of the seafront villas. I had one of the best massages EVER in my life by a therapist at their spa, the sound of surf in the background was beautiful, all for a reasonable $20. Check out more about their retreat center -

You can see the green hills of the countryside behind us and a fresh water river, leading to the sea. Hiking around the area gave us gorgeous views of the cobalt blue ocean, green rolling hills and quiet countryside, just minutes from San Juan del Sur.

Let us know your favorite beach escape, share photos or Like us on Facebook! Do you love yoga? Looking for a non-traditional hotel offering peace, privacy, good service and a unique experience. Check out our rooms page, click BOOK Now button. We are a premier boutique hotel in granada, nicaragua. 


The river at Playa Escameca Costa Dulce Hotel, Nicaragua Playa Escameca, Nicaragua
Yoga Poses Warrior 2 Beach View Nicaragua Costa Dulce, Nicaragua

Granada, Oct. 11, 2017

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