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Top Reasons to Choose a Small Hotel 

When traveling in Nicaragua and the rest of Central America, good service and support are essential.  While budgeting is always important, in Latin America you receive what you pay for. That’s a good enough reason to choose a small hotel and save yourself time and money. Here are just a few reasons to stay in a small boutique property where a guest is never a number. Click here to read more.

A Tropical Tree House Wedding

Why is is fun to get married in a tree house? Remember the tree house you dreamed about as a child. Last year my sister got married at Nicaragua's tree house villas and resorts in her very own adult version.

Read our latest post at to discover why Nicaragua is an absolute paradise for destination weddings. 

The Best, Hidden Beaches in Nicaragua

Now that the weather is getting colder where you live, you’re probably dreaming of a tropical beach escape. With its natural beauty, Nicaragua’s clean, remote and tranquil beaches are sure to impress the most seasoned of travellers. The coastline actually stretches for a total of 566 miles and offers all kinds of settings. There are rustic, off the beaten path beaches, or those with luxury amenities just steps from golf courses, spas and hotels. Whatever type of traveller you are, you can find a great hotel close to these beaches, or enjoy them for an afternoon of surfing and relaxing.

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